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So many issues with web developers (HOW TO CHANGE CANCEL GIG rating...negative feedback?)


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So many issues with web developers…

This is leading me to question if Fiverr is the best way to purchase web creation, installation and tweaks to website.

The most recent problem that I have with a developer is that they FAILED to deliver my product on time. In fact, I’ve had this issue many times.

With this present developer - I cancelled - so that I wouldn’t lose out (otherwise order would be marked as complete and I would never hear back from developer.

After I cancelled Fiverr developer reemerged. I have decided to give her another chance and here’s why:

It’s a pain in the butt to keep changing passwords or WordPress

…Pain in but trying to explain what you need (language barriers)

And so many other pain in the butt issues dealing with developers/designers on Fiverr

I would like to change my rating from “cancelled…buyer failed to deliver” the automated generated message from Fiverr when buyer does not deliver, to a positive feedback.

The reason why is that I worked a deal with web person. Complete the work, do it right and I will pay you and change my review.

But I don’t see that there is a way to change the review of a Fiverr generated response….Is there???

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so this is what I said to many not happy buyers on this site. Whatever you need to be done, before you are placing an order talk with a seller, test their knowledge about work you are offering. Web design is tricky thing, and sometimes sellers accept the job because they think they will menage to do it, but then they realize they either don t have a) right tools for it, b) enough of a knowledge

Best thing in future you can do is ask them simple basic questions, as an will you deliver me css or html, and why…ask them is it better to use svg image formats or png… ask them do they use Adobes DW… and just by their answers you will see how much seller actually can do. If in their answers their English suddenly becomes perfect, google their answer, and check out are they answering by copy paste from wiki or because they know what are they talking about. Think about it.

And I do agree language can be an issue, for me English is not my native and sometimes I have to use dictionary or ask someone who has English as native language to just explain me do I understand well what person wants from me, or I just ask person did I got it right. Hence why communication is a key point in this type of a market.

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