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Help Center: Active Logo Stages Explained ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป

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Youโ€™ve asked, we listened! Many of you have been asking us about the Logo Maker's Active Logos Stages. So hereโ€™s a one stop shop with everything you need to understand your options!

The concept is simple, the more active logos a seller has โ€“ the more revenue options they have.


There is a limit to logo capacity, however, depending on your active logo stage. Below are resources that to guide you through the number of logos you can have, ways to gain more revenue potential, and how to determine when you can post more designs.ย 




Active Logo Stages Explained:

There are currently 3 different stages. Every Logo Maker designer has a set limitation of uploading up to 30 different Active Logo designs. We conduct monthly reviews of sellers' supply as they reach capacity and notify the relevant sellers via email.

The purpose of the different active logo stages is to keep the designs in the Logo Maker both unique and focused on buyersโ€™ needsโ€”so that you can post more logos and potentially increase your sales.


The 3 stages are:


Active Logo capacity

Stage 1

Up to 30 logos

Stage 2

Up to 60 logos

Stage 3

Up to 1,000 logos

Read Logo Maker: Active Logo Stages for more details.

Explore these additional articles to optimize your designs and meet industry demand!ย 

For the basic design requirements and criteria for logo stages, read: Qualifications for upgraded Active Logos Stages.

For more tips on the most popular logos, read: And The Logos Most Likely to Sell Areโ€ฆ.


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Just now, alish_creator said:

How do I know my Level? Where can I find this option?


You can simply upload logos and if you have just started you are in level one, once you finish first 30 logos any logo you upload more would not be active due to the limitation. After that they will automatically promote your level so that you could upload more, but I think this might take a couple of days.

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