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My gig is at the very last page and sometimes not even show in the search? Level two with 203 reviews I am.



Hi there,

Can some one please help me find the reason? It's been 25 days now, I am not getting any new client query. And my gigs are also stopped and not promoting even with promoted gigs feature. 

When I search gigs, I see them at the last page and sometimes I don't even see. So, earlier, if I used to search " JavaScript Tutor " I would see my gig at 1st or 2nd positions. Now, if I search with same term, I don't even see my gig in like 455 total results and same is true with other gig. I have 203 reviews in total and that "JavaScript Tutor" gig has like 168 reviews and I am Level 2 Seller.

I have contacted Fiverr support and they send me an automated response saying: "Your gig is active and can found in Search". But, I am worried about it.

Please help?

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