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Why does it take 3+ days to get a 74 second video approved by Fiverr so I can start my gig?


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I have contacted Fiverr support four times, opening four separate tickets, with multiple screenshots attached trying in vain to explain what the problem is. It's really irritates me that even with a very clear explanation, and screenshots showing the problem, they will still send out a generic email which solves absolutely nothing.

"Customer support" stresses cleaning out the computer's cache and history to fix the problem. Really?!? Are you guys kidding me? 
"Please click on PUBLISH BUTTON to fix your problem". - I CAN'T, FIVERR; you haven't approved my 74 second video! 

I have a 74 second video on my gig to showcase what I am offering. That video has been "processing" for three days now. With four tickets submitted to Fiverr support, they can "not see the problem on their end" and must send it to another team ?!?!?! Even though the screenshots shows it it plain detail. How many teams need to deal with the clicking of one button? 😡

Is this the norm with customer support? Treat the seller like a child and totally ignore their requests? Am I alone, or does anyone else have to explain themselves half a dozen times to get something done?






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It might be that the Trust and Safety team are still checking the video/gig - maybe they aren't sure if it is okay with Fiverr rules. Is it all your own content in the video? Is your gig for erasing vocals etc from any song? Maybe they think there could be a problem with that service rule-wise.

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