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Do I need to buy multiple Full-Broadcast Rights licenses on a single gig?



I noticed that in the Gig Extras sections for voice actors, they'll typically include Full Broadcast Rights as an extra. I also noticed that there is a "quantity" column that sometimes appears. Here's where I need clarification. I'm planning on ordering a voice-acting commission to read a few lines to serve as part of an intro sequence to a video series I'm making. Essentially, every video I upload to YouTube will start with the same audio clip from the one gig as the intro sequence. Even though I'm ordering the gig just once, do I still need to buy a Full Broadcasting License for each individual video I plan on uploading? Furthermore, if I plan on uploading a video utilizing said voice clip to multiple platforms (e.g. one on YouTube, another on Odysee, etc.), do I need to buy additional Full Broadcasting Rights licenses for each platform?

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