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please help me out am a new seller and I opened a fiverr account on Monday get familiar with it I decided to create a gig on web scraping then I did the english test I passed it with 80% score and published the gig after skipping w-9 form since am not in the statey gig was paused by fiverr saying am not a verified seller and the page is only available for verified seller.but I did verify my email And phone number my profile is 100%completed what can I do pls and what's the cause of what have I done wrong?🥺

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In the place where it asks you to fill in the W9 if you're a US citizen did you click "No" to "Are you a US citizen?" then click "done"? If not, you could do that.


If it still doesn't work you could contact support at the help desk (see bottom of this page https://www.fiverr.com/support/) or support@fiverr.com

There's a different verification that some people have been asked to do where it asks for some sort of ID but if it hasn't asked you for that then it shouldn't be anything to do with that. 

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