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RESPONSIVENESS affected by spammers. Did it happen to you too?


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In the last few months I’ve kinda worked very hard to achieve a few goals here on Fiverr. One of them was RESPONSIVENESS. My average time was about 2 days in the month of January 2014 which became a mere 1 hr in May. Once I started making a few sales here and there, I was constantly getting SPAM. I did not reply to those messages and my responsiveness time started changing and now its 4 hours. Now I gotta work hard again to get it back to 1 hr.

Does this happen to you too? What do you guys recommend? What should I do in such situations?

Thank you 🙂

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Guest celticmoon

Most reasonable people understand that, with 40 possible time zones, not everyone will be able to respond as quickly as others who live nearer to them. When the cyclone hit the Philippines last year, members from there saw their responsiveness times drop to weeks, not just days. Life happens.

You can’t control the spam coming in, but can send them a warning not to spam you again; that’s a response. Or you certainly could just ignore it, but why not click ‘report’? It’s quick and it’s also a response.

That responsiveness number is based on your previous 30 days average. Do the best you can, within reason, and try not to worry about the small things.

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