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i am fresher


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Top rated seller status takes time and a lot of hard work.  You need to focus on the basics first before you do anything else.  Your profile statement needs a rework and proofreading (Ironically) See below.

I am Ishad from srilanka. i am information communication technology technician. and i am professional Data entry operators with in 3 years. i am able to complete your project quick, prefect and low of cost. i know well Ms word,Ms excel,Ms PowerPoint,Ms access and mail.

You have a gig that proofreads English documents, yet your gig description is littered with errors, and to be honest, quite insulting as a native English speaker. 

I am Mohamed Ishad from srilanka. 

I have 6 years working experience from proofreading and editing

I am highly experienced, professional, good creative and well updated. 

I can speak Tamil and english fluently 


We created Documents , Content, books articles, news, social media post, transcripts, and many other things

But some time it's have a grammar, spelling and logical mistakes. its usual.

So you need to edit and correct this things for good outputs.

But all of we are haven't technical support, working time and update knowledge.



Your other gigs are around data entry and logo design. Both of which rely on accuracy and consistency.  I suggest that before you ask any other questions, you go back and read through what you have written, it is rushed and unprofessional.

My advise is, don't run before you can walk. 


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