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1 minute ago, lumigrowth said:

Please is there a new skills on how to create a promotional gig

I’m not really sure what is your question 🤔 

Skill on how to publish your gig? You don’t need a skill to publish a gig, you just follow fiverr steps. 
If you are asking if there is a demand for “promotional gigs” then yes, there is but there is also huge competition 

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36 minutes ago, lumigrowth said:

am asking how will i create my gig to be different and eye catchy to attract more client

Unfortunately no one on the forum will be able to help with that because only you can do a market research, look at your competitors, analyse what they offer and then determine what you can do better and if there is something unique you can offer. 
But if you just took a course on creating fb, Google or whatever ads then the market is already flooded with those gigs and you do need to have extra skills to sell your services 

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