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Request Gigs™ - show date and time


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tn5rr, I think what they’re referring to is the requests that show up on the right side of the page - people that are looking for Fiverr members to do certain things.

I agree - a date and time posted would be great. And maybe some sort of expiration on requests so that if a buyer forgets to remove the request, it expires after a certain amount of time and sellers aren’t wasting their time contacting someone about an old request that they may not need anymore.

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Hey guys,

My opinion about this suggestion is neutral. Because more often the messages I send to request gig are up to date requests. I have a new suggestion for Request Gig feature.

★ I would like to show relevant Request Gigs on relevant categories strictly. I experienced this thing is happening some times but not at all.

What you think guys?




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