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Lower The Fiverr Clearance days!

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         Beads of sweat on my forehead, tirelessly checking my accounts, waiting for a miracle "any miracle" ... {1 hour later} i check my account again still seeing {-$7.86} . how did it get this bad, how did i end up with so much over draft, i go online scouting and really searching for a way some way i could earn money since the search for job has not been fruitful, finally i see an article on make $5 with Fiverr, at first i am filled with doubts since i have seen things like this but oh well i have nothing to lose, i sign up and confirm everything, i update my profile and put up a gig for sale, 1 day later i receive my first two gigs i am swelling up with joy, i go ahead and deliver with enough time on my hands, finally it is complete. Seller leaves a good review... But what is this ?!?! still $0 i go on searching for answers why my $10 hasn't entered yet then i stumble on an article on Fiverr . what do i see ' IT TAKES 14 DAYS FOR CLEARANCE AND THEY TAKE $1' i am stunned, why don't they take $1 and clear out immediately or why don't they take the amount of days they do and give me my $5 . can they have a rethink??<br />

====Note this is just my story and you are free to laugh==== :(( :((

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