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I have completed requirements for getting Promoted GIG but still not get option to promote my GIG

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4 hours ago, sayed_hossain said:

Hi, I am a Level One seller on Fiverr, Gained 20 Review on a specific GIG, My Overall rating also more that 4.7 and that is exact 5 for all criteria. 

I still waiting for getting the Promoted GIG option.

What can be done for getting this? 

The criterias for eligibility can be misleading. You forgot this very important part: 

"You meet additional quality metrics."

The additional metrics would most likely consist of your buyer satisfaction rate (based on private feedback given to Fiverr by your buyers) and perhaps your sales/conversion rate and so on and so forth. 

In other words, you haven't fulfilled all of the critera. If you had, you would have access to promoted gigs. 

Keep doing great work, impress your buyers and make sure to over-deliver to keep your buyers happy. If you have ticked all the boxes you know about, the time has come to improve your service even more by ticking all the boxes you don't know about, like your buyer satisfaction. Only way to do this is to impress the hell out of your buyers. 

Best of luck! 


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