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My CD would not have been possible without Fiverr and their professional members


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One year ago I started to use Fiverr, as I had a bunch of instrumental music, that lacked vocalists. So I planned my first album of Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba music.
I had the great luck to find the member Raquel Gomes, a singer/songwriter from Sao Paulo, Brazil and asked her to write some lyrics and melodies as well as performing the vocal parts for me.
Soon it came out, that she made a great job in all skills offered and so we decided to produce a whole CD, which was published today (firs publisher is Youtube, but others will follow).

Besides Raquel I hired the bandoneon player Guido Gavazza, who also did a great job. I am as proud as happy to having found these congenial artists for my production.
Now I have a complete CD produced by a worldwide network!
Listen to it, send me your comments and spread the word.



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