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I cannot get paid via PayPal


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I have been using PayPal for over a year, and this time I only have the

Fiverr Revenue Card button available to withdraw my money. I cannot click

PayPal Account button, I am not allowed. It says some changes occurred in

my PayPal account, however, I never changed anything on it. I cannot

understand what happened.

My old MasterCard have expired in April. I use another MasterCard now. Does

it have to do something with this issue?

I have already contacted PayPal. They said nothing changed in my account

and I should contact Fiverr, because Fiverr must have something wrong.

This is the PayPal team’s letter:

’'Thank you for contacting PayPal.

I have reviewed your account and I can confirm that your account

is in good standing and there is no reason why you should not be able to

receive payments.

I can also confirm that your account is verified by the card ending xxxx

Please ensure that the merchant is sending the payment to your correct

emails address.

I would also encourage you to ask the merchant to contact us directly as

there may be an issue with their account.

It is my pleasure to assist you and I hope this resolves your issue

Please do not hesitate to contact you if you require any further assistance."

Thank you in advance!

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