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Deleted Gig!


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Howdy, this could be due to the fact of the keywords on categories you have used or how you are promoting the gigs, have you been promoting? Deleting a gig sometimes isn’t the answer due to the fact most people get a complaint at one time or another you need to address the complaints/negative feedback and see if you can resolve the matter, if you can’t get an answer or feel its unfair get in touch with fiverr support.try offering a brand new service and telling people on the new gig to check out your other awesome gigs. Fiverr picks good gigs to appear under auto in the search functionality so getting into this with a well written and interesting gig can provide you with some awesome traffic numbers. If you are still not getting sales keep trying it is all about trial and error your never going to succeed at everything you start out to do it is all about remaining positive and getting back on the horse and trying again.not everyone wants a particular services and in some instances they are limited to a tightly wound niche.

Good luck and don’t give up 🙂

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