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Does Changing the gig title affect it in a bad way ?

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👋 Hello .. Do you thing that changing my gig title when it de ranked will affect it in a bad way or may things will get better after waiting some days or maybe even a couple of week .. because I know that the gig url is made always according to the gig's first title and I have no experience with doing this thing before so please I need your help to improve my gig 

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2 hours ago, mariashtelle1 said:

Most likely it will take time t reminded your gig in search again.  But how it will affect will depend on the relevancy of your title. If your new title will be better than the old one then yes, things might change for the better and if not then not. 

Thanks for your help :)) so all what I need to do now is to wait for 1-2 weeks I think If things get better it's okay to keep the new one .. if not I will need to return the old one and wait from 1-2 weeks again till it takes its place again in

the search pages right ? 

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