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How can I get more clicks on my Gigs

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When it comes to click on any GIG, what to do? Of course your GIG Image, isn't it? The more attractive your GIG Image, GIG Title- there will be more chances to get enough Clicks from Buyers. Furthermore, you can send buyer requests 10/10 per day so the Buyer find it your proposal eye-catching that fit for him/her business. In the end, share your GIGs on Social Media Platforms and try to convince your followers to purchase your service. 

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There are lot of things about this question actually. You might not need a lot of clicks in some scenarios. For example, when we do an uncommon gig, we only need very niche specific people to reach us. After satisfying those few people came, you will be scaled up by Fiverr. Because they admire good sellers who satisfy their clients with good service and customer relations.

I should say, don't try to complete for too much for analytics or orders. Care the customers you occasionally get and make a solid reputation out of it. Fiverr will make you a hero at the end.

This might not be the answer you expected, but think about it too! 😁


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