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The biggest problem I face by selling ad space

Guest hillbillygreets

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Guest hillbillygreets

I found Fiverr by accident while investigating a fraud report for a consumer watchdog web service. I had created a profile so I could perform an investigation and I was so impressed with what I had discovered that I decided to come back and create a new and personal profile for my own business. As part of a social experiment, I began a news blog that with the help of social networking, social media, aggressive marketing and ad campaigns with the Yahoo and Bing Search networks, my blog grew very quickly. Not in the millions (yet) but the thousands isn’t bad.

Anyway, my unique visit traffic jumped overnight from about 30 to in the hundreds. A few days later we began to see hits in the thousands and rates just keep going up. With so many people coming to the site, I figured it was the perfect chance to sell some ad space. On websites I had built in the mid 90’s, I had charged $50 per month for a single banner ad placement. That just didn’t seem right to me these days so remembering my profile here at Fiverr, I decided to begin selling my ad space. And to help me sell large amounts of gigs, I provide a level of service unmatched by many. With lifetime ad placement on a popular and growing blog and lifetime customer support to go with it all for a five dollar bill? If it wasn’t for bulk sales, I could and would never be able to do it all.

Now getting to the point, I wish Fiverr would include a feature that would permit us sellers to include a faq for each of our gigs. I keep getting asked the same things such as what is your URL?, which I can’t answer, Where will my ad be placed?, What are your hit counts? and more that take up so much of my work day to answer.

I could save an hour or two per day if we were allowed a faq for gigs. What do you think?

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