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In need of the best illustrator on Fiverr


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I am new to Fiverr and in just a short time I have started to notice a problem. I am in the process of illustrating a project using the artists I’ve discovered on the site. However, I have found artists that are great at portraits, but aren’t good at much else, and I’ve found artists that can illustrate practically anything, but can’t draw a realistic portrait. Is there any illustrator on Fiverr that can do both? I realize this isn’t a great example because there is only one, but the type work I’m looking for is similar to what a Norman Rockwell can accomplish i.e. scenes and faces together.

So the thought hit me today, if there is no such thing as that type skill level on Fiverr, instead of settling for one skill or the other, then would there be a way to have two illustrators collaborate on the same project. Example, I gig one artist to draw the scene and the body positions, then the file is transferred to the second illustrator to put the realistic portrait (Heads and faces) on the bodies. Two illustrators using their gifted talent, both getting paid, fiverr getting paid, and the buyer gets “exactly” what he or she wanted?

Obviously, both illustrators would have to be onboard, but why wouldn’t you want to make the customer happy?

If this is possible, let me know; if it is not possible; then make it so.



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Guest celticmoon

As you explore the new frontier of Fiverr, you may notice on a gig page, on the right side and under the seller’s profile, a link that says “Contact Me”. Open lines of discussions with people you think, after reviewing their portfolios, can do each aspect of your project, putting the finished work in an editable format. I’m not a graphic artist, so I don’t know what those are called, but I know they exist. (They can be expanded or shrunk to fit your printing needs, the layers can be left unmerged in order to work on the background or foreground and so on.) After one artist does their part, send the file to the second artist to do the other part of the job. But you’ll need to explain this to them first, to make sure they understand what you need, and that they can do that for you.

Does this make sense? I’m not sure I’m explaining myself very well.

When you purchase graphics on Fiverr, unless stated otherwise you become the owner and copyright holder, so you have the right to have the image worked on or added-to by another artist if you want.

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I pretty much do anything from hand drawn sketches, actual airbrushing, oil paintings to full wall murals and faux painting.

Most of these things are things that i can’t and won’t do on fiverr for a fiverr. On fiverr im limited to doing what i can do relatively fast on a drawing tablet.

A list of skills in profiles could be nice and the option to collaborate with other artists would be awesome!

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