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The so-called "Modification"


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I placed an order with someone who does LinkedIN rewrites. After sending all of my information and purchasing some of her other services, she somehow put in that we were modifying. When in fact, she NEVER completed anything. She kept saying that she couldn’t see my LinkedIN page and I had to open it to the public. It’s always been open to the public. So I copied it in document form and sent it to her. Also, I purchased a rewrite of my resume. Never happened. I purchased the extra tips and GAVE an extra tip for her adoption. For some reason she never delivered on anything and when I tried to go in and publish my displeasure, I couldn’t. I think it was because of that “modification” which was never a modification in the first place. Then SHE cancelled the order. Now, I’m very leery about giving my information (i.e. all my work history) to sellers, even though I have looked at some others. Did she just over commit on her page or was she legitimate in the first place? I’ve got cold feet now.

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