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[POLL] New Feature Request - Email notification on the event of a Negative Review


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How many of us sellers have had this ?

A sudden drop in sales … and then realizing with horror that some buyer (without warning) has left you a bad review!

You are now a LEPER banished from the 5er kingdom, and nobody wants to touch you.

Shouldn’t we at least be notified about this in a timely manner so as to minimize loss? Wouldn’t you want to know about it ASAP so as to contact buyer and resolve the issue with him ?

My proposal to the 5er management is to add a new email notification letting us everytime a negative review is posted on our gig.

I mean com’on… what are we asking for ? not much, right ?

If you agree please post your opinion on this thread so we can forward it to the 5er team!

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Guest tn5rr2012

What I suggest is checking on on your gigs on a daily basis if not several times a day. Good luck with your gig(s) in 2013

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