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Multiple Fiverr Accounts under one wifi connections will cause any issue ?


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I have a one questions in mind from a long time like if in office or at home now a days wifi is available  and fiverr is very popular platform so mostly all the service provider using this platform. 

In many cases Like in single family multiple person's using fiverr and in home or an office always have a single wifi , so if they all access the individual accounts in same wifi then it's cause an issue or not ?

I am not sure how to manage this type of cases , because now a days IT development is on top trending items , In single home or office there are 2 brothers one is flutter developer and one is ios or android developer then both gigs are same like mobile app development services so in this case how to manage ?

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  • bhaveshkhanpara changed the title to Multiple Fiverr Accounts under one wifi connections will cause any issue ?

In so many threads people shared their experience with the support about this point.

Based on the summery of those threads and logical point of view, I can say that, there is no issue to use 2 account by 2 different individual under same network.

Fiverr always welcome in this scenario.

Fiverr mostly focus on if same person don't have multiple accounts.

Ip never could be the reason. The main point that can track as suspicious activity is sharing the same device (Pc/Laptop/Mobile).

And when category is different, and both ID is verified with different individuals, I never think there is any issue.

However, you can inform CS about this if you're using same device.

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A few things:

  1. If each person has their own individual Fiverr account, specific to that person with their own credentials, etc., There should not be any kind of issue with everyone being on the same WiFi.  WiFi is simply your gateway into the internet.  
    1. Caveat 1:  If you are trying to spoof IP addresses or have everyone on the same VPN which is originating from a different country, then there may be issues.
    2. Caveat 2: You need to have sufficient WiFI bandwidth for everyone to have a good connection, but that is independent of any Fiverr considerations.
  2. If you are referring to multiple people using the same account login, this is against TOS and should stop immediately
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