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In my opinion, some of the answers given to you by other forum members do not really make that much sense. Buyer Requests for example: You probably don't see that many buyer requests per day anyway. And most of the ones you do see will not be serious requests. There are a lot of scams and buyers looking for extremely cheap workers in this category.

Just duplicating your gig with slight changes is also probably not going to work. Buyers will not be impressed when they see that.

What DOES work is: doing your own advertisement. Don't think of the 20% that Fiverr keeps of your revenue as payment for advertising. It is not. Fiverr does not advertise for you, even if it looks so on first sight. Your gig is displayed together with literally thousands of others offering the same service. The chance that a buyer will takes note of your new gig are almost zero. So, what's Fiverr good for? They do the order handling, make sure the buyer pays you and make sure you deliver what you promised in your gig. That's what they take the 20% for. Hence, without *you* doing your own advertising, connecting with potential customers, finding out what you do better or cheaper than others, your chances of landing an order are basically zero. Sorry, but such is life! But recognizing this fact and starting to work on an advertising strategy might be a good start.

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