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Design tips & tricks: to up your Logo Maker game 🕹 - Part 1

Logo Maker Team

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Hi Logo makers 🤩 

Here's some design tips and tricks for you to up your logo maker game!

You’re a Fiverr Logo Maker seller, which means you have loads of creativity running through your veins. Jumping right into your logo designs is exciting, but before you decide to  upload  them, we’ve put together a guide that can help you optimize your designs and maximize your chances to convert and sell.

The Logo Maker editor allows you to tweak and touch up your designs to create variations with different colors, background shapes, fonts, sizes, and placements. Simply upload your SVG file and create multiple versions of your logo. 

A few technical requirements before uploading your SVG symbol: 

Icon-Text.svg   Text - Avoid using text layers
Icon-Layers.svg   Layers - Do not exceed 100 layers
Icon-Graphics.svg   Graphics - Use vector elements only 
Icon-Text%20bounds.svg   Text bounds - Ensure symbols don't limit text length


Every logo is designed differently

Even before you start editing your logo, you want to make sure that the designs you upload are the best they can be. Here are a few points to keep in mind: 

Be unique, be original - Show off your creativity by adding some personal flavor to your
design. Don't be shy to draw it by hand.
Keep it simple. It’s that simple - Avoid over complicating and over designing your logo because a good logo can go a long way when kept simple.
Forget the small details - To maintain clarity and sharpness, avoid using small elements that can make parts of your logo appear distorted when printed.
Get your logo to turn heads - Make your logo stand out by combining non-common combinations of symbols with a clear graphical language.

Do you have any more logo design tips? Feel free to share it here 🙂

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  • Logo Maker Team changed the title to Design tips & tricks: to up your Logo Maker game 🕹 - Part 1


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