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Hi All

          We work on fiverr and earn money.but how much do we save in our bank account ?

Fiverr Fees- 20%

TDS- 1% to 5%

Payoneer transaction fee- $3

Currency Transfer fees.

GST- 18%

After Paying this all fees how much do we save ?The Most painful in all charges is Fiverr fees 20%.that is so high.

IF we add this all fees in our gig's prize, the buyer never will pay us.


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I always thought the 20% was reasonable, it is a business after all and Fiverr provides sellers a lot of great services such as doing advertising on Google, etc… Not to mention they bring the business right to you.

I felt the increase of purchase fees to $2 was a bit much, especially on $5 gigs or when buyers are kind enough to leave a tip. They want to give a $5 tip and all of a sudden Fiverr is weaseling them out of $2, now it’s $7, and of course they still take their 20%. Gives a bad impression if you ask me.

And then adding that $2 fee on for buying from your Fiverr balance was another poor move in my opinion, I am a seller but I use other Fiverr services fairly regularly, and that was a nice little bonus to be able to pay from my Fiverr balance with no extra fees.

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