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  1. Hi Fiverr has launched Promoted gig.Has you ran Promoted gig ?does it work ?
  2. Hi When was i on 1st level i was getting so many project.But from when my profile went to 2nd level i am not getting project.Also i am getting low impression, Views and Click. It feel 1st level was better than 2nd level.
  3. Hi When i was on LEVEL 1 i was getting so many jobs.But since I went to 2nd level, I have got less jobs.How does fiverr works ?
  4. Hi Friends I am getting the offer one by one.I got the offer of USD 100 about 3 days Ago.and Today i again got the Offer of USD 200.🙏.
  5. I think you are Right.I have tried all method.But only work that fiverr want.
  6. Yes i am earning here.i am not new.I have been earned almost $ 8000.But i am still not understanding how the fiverr algorithm work.When was i have no level.The buyer were contacting me too much.but i am on level 2 now.and there are very less buyer contacting to me.
  7. All people have same answer.i have read the most of the answer of similar question.and i follow their instruction and change the keywords according to the fiverr search.but Honestly it does not work.
  8. I have changed my keywords 4 days ago.but nothing effective.
  9. What is the best method to visible the gig on First page ?
  10. You should check you profile content.Don’t include any kind of Contact or payment Information.or any other external link which is against of fiverr policy.
  11. I am asking about some kind of advertisment like facebook, google, youtube, instgram etc. Or any blog, forum etc.
  12. After Creation of your Gig, What is the best method to promote your gigs to get more sales ?
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