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How to get help when customer support won't help and gig not showing in search after using limit order in que



Hello! I have been trying to get help from customer support for almost a month, and they keep telling me nothing is wrong with my gig. So does anyone know how to get escalated help for issues that support cannot resolve?

My problem started when I used the limit orders in cue feature because I needed to slow down the number of new orders until I could catch up. As soon as I delivered those orders, my gig became active. However, my gig was nowhere in search under any of my tags. I physically searched every single page, and I had others do that as well from different computers and browsers. As soon as I delivered a few more orders, my gig became visible in search for 2 days. I received 2 orders, and my gig again disappeared in search......until I delivered a few more orders. Despite the fact that I completely disabled the limit orders in que feature, there is either a bug or a cache that will not allow my gig to be visible in search once I have more than 5 gigs. I even tried switching the limit orders in cue to a huge number. I have only been visible in search 3 days this entire last month. Support keeps telling me there's nothing wrong, and this really needs to be troubleshooted by a technical support or programmer.

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