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How long does it take to get promoted gigs back?



I went from over 10 gigs a week for 3 months straight. Have 100 five star reviews and 4 four star reviews. Two canceled orders one for price disagreement and one from a dude not liking my speech i wrote him. 

My promoted gigs were removed for "undisclosed metrics" and all my gigs are now on page 3 off the search results instead of page one. I am on the cusp of being a "top rated seller" and haven't gotten a message or a gig in over a week since this happened. 


Anyone know how this can be resolved or the time frame this last? I don't offer gigs where I can reach out to old clients - not many people need two best man speeches. Any help, wisdom, or advice is super appreciated. This is how I provide for my family of 4 lol and I am a bit concerned that this can happen at anytime and it's not clear what happened or why this is happening. 

Thank you


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