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Not Ranking my gig

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You need to post exactly what Customer Support said in response. They definitely are not helpless in any issue, but their recommendations are sometimes worded a little vaguely so to get help here, please write exactly what they said.

I did search for your gig myself and it came up easily. When I used “run in depth KEYWORD research” as my search phrase, yours in the top 30 results, so it IS ranking in search. The actual position in search will never stay exactly the same. Fiverr rotates gigs and they don’t release information about their algorithms.

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3 hours ago, sumon_hossain9 said:

It's 47th day I joined Fiverr. Still my gig is not ranking. I am not getting any impression, click and orders. Even I don't get any message from buyers yet. What should I do now? Should I create a new gig? Or I have any alternatives to rank my gig. Thanks

Take some time and read those articles. 




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