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Gig title issue


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When i joined Fiverr I had created a gig , but at that time i had no knowledge about making a good gig, I didn't add any keywords to the description or seo title and gig title is also not attractive. I have got 8 orders on that gig and most of the orders were made from the buyers request section. Well I did change the title of the gig and keywords but still didn't get any good impressions or click and also my URL stayed same as it was before. Again now i have changed the title of gig and i put the old title as it was matching with the URL. Also i have updated the keywords and description. My concern is  do you really need to match the URL with the gig title? And what are the chances of getting your gig rank/Derank ? I improved my gig just because i was not getting any good impressions or clicks I was getting 10- 20 impressions daily.  Please share your opinions, Thanks in advance!!!! 

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