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19 minutes ago, mashiuzzaman said:

Hello everyone,

I am a new member in fiverr forum.
Give your valuable advices and tips.
Thank you

Welcome To Fiverr Forums,

Here you will get all the solutions about you7r fiverr problems and will gather lot of experiences from here I Hpoe. Most of all You will get valuable info  from experts 


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Freelancing is a Great way to work for yourself, rather than for a Company. As a Freelancer you take on contract work for Companies and Organizations. How, you are ultimately Self-Employed. Here Are 2 Golden tips that are absolutely valuable for new freelancers.


1. Creating a Portfolio: Create a website of 1-2 pages where you Showcase your work. This  gives credibility & provides people with an idea of your Work.

2. Improving Communication Skills: English is a Global language. So, improving your speaking and writing skills will be a great advantage that will allow you to express your ideas to your clients easily and clearly.

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