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Few years old messages causing warning. I mean, Seriously.....!!!!


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Your account was flagged for feedback manipulation. Honest and unsolicited feedback is what makes our marketplace trustworthy.
Asking another user to edit or remove feedback, or specifically asking for positive feedback, is not allowed and is a violation of our Terms of Service.

Depending on a few year old message, I just got this warning today. I mean seriously??? 

That time this TOS wasn't even implemented on fiverr. So, why's that happening? How can they do that? 

A client may be angry with the seller and dig out old message to find a fault and can report it. But, isn't there any time-frame?

If anyone have any idea, please share.

I am devastated. Working on fiverr always gives me panic attack even after these 5 long years of working here. 

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Good News! I have contacted to the support. At first they said that violates the TOS. Then I have asked them to dig out how old the message was. Because, I knew It can't be recent. I stopped talking or even uttering "Review" word at least 2 years ago. So, I was confident. Then they actually found it very old and they have removed the warning. I needed to be clear about this issue. Because, if the old messages and orders start to affect the current status, then there is no way I can survive it here. Because, at the beginning ( in 2015), I almost knew nothing and made many mistakes. Thanks to almighty, everything got sorted out.👍 😀

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