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Someone is using this system to autodelivery the gigs?


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I am brand new in fiverr so I am learning step by step. I want to start to sell on fiverr but due my school I have not a lot of free time. Searching in google I found this system to autodelivery the gigs. I want to know if someone has used this system successfully. http://FRAGGLESROCK.com .


David Louis

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Personally, I would NOT use this. Fiverr is easy. You already have the gigs, just have one account. That way all your notifications will be in that one account. Download the Fiverr App on your phone, it will notify you when you have messages and orders.

Keep track of when things are due, if you can do it then and finish- then do so. Don’t think that just because you have a few days to finish that you should take your time. Just finish the job when you have time, always within the time frame.

It isn’t hard to keep up with orders, you just have to put limits on when you can do things and what you can do so you don’t stress yourself out.

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Guest celticmoon

Wow! I never heard of this little “gem” until I read this thread. “Scam” is being nice, Lynx! It’s fraud, it’s B.S., it’s outright theft (if anyone buys this “PDF” file/“bot” system, they’ll get diddly-squat! AND be out 67 dollars.

@manikhantech Here’s another hint to go with kjblynx’s thorough dissection of FAS: any sales pitch that asks:“Why downloadable gigs are the best sources of income?” should set your fecal monitor ringing!

Broken English, poor grammar, “testimonials” from the same “website” you’re reading this phony boloney sales pitch on (gobbledygook from a “Bryan McConnahea”, www.authoritypro.com, and at the bottom of the page-Powered by Authority Pro 3), no clear information about what it is you’re buying and what it actually does, but LOTS and LOTS of bullet points, paragraphs, pointy arrows, conflicting information…are you buying a PDF or a bot or a “file finder”?..depends on which paragraph you’re reading!

Fortunately, it seemed liked all the links to make a purchase were dead, so hopefully it stays that way and no one gets ripped off. I’ve had a good laugh, thanks!

So come back to play on Fiverr when you’re done with school! It can be fun, but to succeed you do need to apply some effort. And be glad you didn’t throw your money away!

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