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video or audio calls


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You can find here on Fiverr many similar gigs - online lessons, different types of consultations - once an order was started, you can start your video call.

When I needed to get email address for work, I contacted CS and a girl from CS told me, that once the order is active, buyer can share it with me, but only on the order page

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"I can also conduct art therapy and aromatherapy according to the disorder of the respective patient."

"Your personal information will not be shared with anyone as trust between patient and doctor is the building block of relation."

You can't work as a medical professional and treat your clients on Fiverr as patients here, I'm sure you are aware that there are governing and licensing bodies in every country for a reason.

You premium package is 1 hour and it contains history taking, assessment, and CBT? How do you plan to incorporate CBT in one session -- let alone 1 hour? You don't even know your treatment plan and you already want to do CBT with your patient in the first session, right after history taking and assessment... in one hour. You still have to discuss your treatment plan and they would have to agree with it.

Your gig image says "I will cure all your psychological problems through my sessions" -- Were you not taught in school that you should not promise cure? That's standard protocol, for any medical professional......... Its against medical ethics.

Anyway, I suggest you modify your gigs before Fiverr detects and removes them.


To answer your question on video calls, there is a video calling option powered by Zoom but it is enabled for certain gigs and users only.


Medical-related services

We do not allow services that are meant to provide any medical treatment, advice, or supply.  

Do not post, offer, or ask for:

  • Medical treatment, advice on any medical condition, or pharmaceutical advice. 

  • Any kind of medical drugs or pharmaceuticals.  

  • Medical equipment or pharmaceutical supply.

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