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How i made 1400$ in one month from 2 gigs only


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Hi Fiverr Family , firstly i would like to say if you just start your marketing way never stop , just try, improve your product , you will reach something great after sometime , never disappointed , you will crack the code sooner or later ,i involved with Fiverr 3 month ago and I have made 1300$ selling just 2 Gigs in 40Days using very simple codes i have come across accidentally in marvelous guide at my friend old stuff shelf, and I’m still doing a good sale upto recent moment because of this cods.

i’m not trying to make any sale here but that is really what happened, i would like every one of you to have this guide to sky rocket your Gig rank , rate and sale.

i have attached sale statement Revenues, last sale was [ today 3-SEP-14] and amount has been Withdrawal as well.

wish you all the best , never hesitate to contact me for any advise or assist.

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