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Justice Has Been Served...slightly


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Well, for those who read my rant and knew how upset I was regarding being scammed by a libelous buyer, I have some great news. After opening a second ticket and tweeting support, I had a bit of a result. The buyer’s feedback was deleted.

I did request that the buyer be blocked as I fear he will do it to other sellers but of course, I have not been told anything regarding that request.

I really should get a thicker skin if I am working with the public but I was extremely hurt and upset at not being able to clear my name. There is nothing worse than knowing you have done your utmost to provide a top class service with politeness and be met with animosity and manipulation.

I have now been restored to my 100% positive feedback and whilst I wasted a whole Saturday evening last week with out being paid, as Fiverr state they can not make him pay for the work, I will take it as a lesson learned in not being so gullible.

So much good came from this horrible experience that it ended up being a good thing. It brought me to the forums, which meant I met many of you lovely people. I think it hopefully showed you all who I am and that I am at least coherent in my writing.

Now hopefully I can repay that kindness by answering threads in the forum. Again, thank you all so much.

Emma ( Cariad, also known as Ddraig).

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Reply to @kitsaros:

That was exactly what happened. He won in some ways as I did not get paid but at least he can not constantly marr my reputation with false feedback now.

There does seem a lack of protection for sellers. I hope they will take a look at this soon.

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Reply to @kissreviews:

Great isn’t it? I did do a little jig and even my husband who doesn’t even understand online stuff got happy for me, haha.

Your kindness won’t be forgotten either. You are a star. I tweeted your profile for your support.x

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Guest refundhost

Well if he didn’t PAY … then YOU still own the work.

Remember to use www.fragglesrock.com/ in a month or so

Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker. It’s FREE.

The software lets you detect duplicate content and check if your articles are original.

…it also makes it so if the scammer posts it ANYWHERE online, you can send the webhost a DMCA notice and they are FORCED to disable the page.


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Reply to @refundhost: Thank you, I already know about this as I have written on HubPages, InfoBarrel. I hope it comes in handy for someone else though.

Normally this would aid me but he wanted it for like an exam or something. That isn’t stopping me checking for it online though.

This would be great as a thread on it’s own if it does not already exist,


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I read your last thread regarding the problematic buyer, and I’m really glad that you’ve managed to resolve the issue. Persistence is often key with customer support, and a lot of people would’ve simply given up after their first rejection.

I hope it doesn’t deter you from offering your services on fiverr.

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Reply to @mrproofreading: Thank you for your support.

It would have had a more detrimental effect if I had been left to shoulder it on my own but the support I received through the forums gave me encouragement.

The whole experience has hopefully made me more aware of bad buyers and that an only be a good thing.


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Hi Cariad. After reading your comment on my thread, I found this… and decided one good comment deserves another. 🙂

It saddens me to hear that like the rest of the Internet, there are (buyer) “Trolls” here on Fiverr. But as you said in my thread, we have to maintain perspective and keep in mind that MOST buyers and sellers here, are good people.

One thing you said, does concern me however.

I had a Seller. She delivered. What she delivered was un-usable.

A Troll-buyer probably would have “exploded”, yelled at the Seller, Cancelled the order, and try to “damage” the Seller the way your Troll-buyer attempted to do with you.

I, on the other hand, looked at the “big picture”. She had been very polite, and very attentive to responding to my initial pre-purchase inquiries. (Hint To Sellers: It is VERY IMPORTANT that you check your Fiverr Inbox regularly. If you’re not doing that, YOU ARE LOSING SALES.)

And the files were there - she HAD “delivered” them - they were just totally unusable.

So what did I do?

I sent her a calm, polite, helpful, Order-message… telling her what I thought was the mistake she had made (which turned out to be absolutely correct)… and I did NOT hit the Request Modification button.

Before starting to purchase on Fiverr, I had read all the FAQs and Forum Help I could find. Somewhere, someone mentioned how much “Sellers hate the Request Modification button”, because it re-starts the clock and thus, makes your Gig delivery appear “late”. Which impacts many of your Seller Statistics, and basically makes a Seller look bad.

So I avoided the RM button like the plague! 😃

Sure enough, she fixed the problem, apologized profusely, sent me brand new files… and her work turned out to be even better than promised in her Gig.

Happy Ending.

Postscript: So what concerns me now, is your statement…

> It would be nice if the cancellation did not affect our rate if we had not started the job also.

Huh??? You mean, if I buy your Gig, don’t even fill out your initial request for needed information, and decide to cancel within minutes of buying - the Seller gets penalized???

That makes no sense. (Just my opinion.)


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Reply to @regency85: That is indeed the way you would hope respectful human beings would act. If a seller was unhappy for genuine reasons then we should try our best to rectify that.

Yes, unfortunately, if a buyer orders, even by accident and the gig is cancelled by any party, the stats get messed up and increases cancellation ratio.

I suppose it just makes cancellation ratio ineffective and makes experienced users ignore that stat. It is quite unfair.

Thank you very much for replying to my thread.


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