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Loving Fiverr, but how does the average seller become a Top Rated Seller?


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Just thinking out loud. I am loving Fiverr, and I have progressed up the ladder with a 5 star rating and great reviews and have become a Level Two Seller.

Theoretically I am on the path to become a top rated seller with almost 100 completed orders and my response times and order completion rates are all in order.

What I have been pondering, is that my average orders are close to $90 USD each, yet I still have to reach $20,000 USD to become a Top Rated Seller..

How does the Fiverr seller that is selling gigs at a lot lower rate than I am, say $10 or $20 a gig, ever become a Top Rated Seller..  I may be there in another 5 months, but it could take a long, long time for people on Fiverr with lower selling rates to get to TRS status.

Level One and Level Two Seller rankings seem fair, but it seems to me that it would be very difficult to achieve TRS status for many...

Food for thought..  



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Guest lloydsolutions
25 minutes ago, brett2554 said:

I may be there in another 5 months,

This is not a given.

This topic may interest you: 


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I was on Fiverr for 6 years, and eligible for TRS for more than half of those years before I became a Top Rated Seller. I had completely given up on becoming a TRS, but I also knew what my flaws were behind the scenes. So I worked on becoming a better businesswoman, a better communicator, and slowly raising my prices to a healthy market level. When I finally earned that gold badge I was really, really, really happy. Now I work my bum off to try and keep it. You can become a TRS and then lose it! So it's not even a once and done thing. 

That being said, levels don't make the seller. Even before I was a TRS I was getting Fiverr's choice orders regularly and had a steady stream of clients. I don't feel like I get more clients or better clients with the gold badge. Well-written gigs, solid communication and follow-through, professional images, and glowing reviews - those mean way, way more than the levels. 

Years ago, I lost all my levels, all the way down to zero, due to a technical glitch in Fiverr's system which is pretty much eliminated now. I was so angry and scared I'd never get back up again. But you know what? I didn't make a dime less at level zero than I had been making at level 2. So don't worry about it, honestly. Focus on making yourself the best you can be, and if you can polish your gigs and serve your customers with top quality service - when you get a gold badge it will just be icing on the cake. Sweet, sweet icing that I totally didn't take a screenshot to send to all my supportive friends and my mother. 

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