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Buyer keeps asking for minor changes like spelling, links etc multiple times


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I wanted to share a recent experience of mine working with a client. The client approached me few months back for getting some guest posts from me. I write original articles for every new post I do and publish them. So, I did four posts for this client on the websites we mutually agreed, no issues with that. But, some words have different spelling in the US and in the UK. The buyer asked very small changes multiple times. As a seller we need to understand some buyers need their posts to be 100% perfect and they are not happy with even a mistake such as spelling different between two different continents. I did not react negatively to the customer instead I politely asked him to tell me all the changes he needs. I did those changes and it did not even take me 30 minutes to do so. 

As a seller, it can be difficult to make these many changes but if we see from the buyer's perspective, is he wrong? No. He paid for it and would like that to be perfect as per his choice and spelling he needs. That was a small experience for new sellers as a learning tip. Try to understand what the buyer is looking for and make those changes until the buyer is happy. Due to such incidents and willingness to make the changes, I always get repeat buyers. I don't mind working for them again. Instead, once you work with them, you get a gist of their terms and you try to improvise in the next delivery. 

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