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  1. Yes, when the buyer gets the trust, they keep coming back. I have many repeat buyers but one of them have had 44 orders till now.
  2. Fiverr allows business clients to interact through zoom and it is provided with in fiverr. I never had to use it till date though. Fiverr messaging itself is good enough. But in one of my projects the client was not getting the pdf file through fiverr delivery and I asked for fiverr customer support's help in getting the file delivered to the client. There are solutions to everything if we are willing to use them while following the terms of service.
  3. It happens with most of the freelancers. Try to promote your gigs, create new gigs if you think there are more services you can offer, update the existing gigs with recent data.
  4. Congratulations. Even I have cleared the requirements but awaiting TRS level.
  5. Communication with buyers or other sellers should be professional and polite. If you are discussing about a project and unintentionally use any of the words like payment, fees, or any payment methods, it will get flagged but when fiverr team will review it, nothing should happen. I told this from my own experience where I was working for an escrow client. We had to discuss various aspects of payment methods etc for creating a white paper. Sometimes the messages got flagged but when they reviewed the messages, it was fine. By no way, you should disclose any personal details like phone numbers, email id or any other ways to be able to communicate outside of fiverr. That will create a serious trouble for you.
  6. I wanted to share a recent experience of mine working with a client. The client approached me few months back for getting some guest posts from me. I write original articles for every new post I do and publish them. So, I did four posts for this client on the websites we mutually agreed, no issues with that. But, some words have different spelling in the US and in the UK. The buyer asked very small changes multiple times. As a seller we need to understand some buyers need their posts to be 100% perfect and they are not happy with even a mistake such as spelling different between two different continents. I did not react negatively to the customer instead I politely asked him to tell me all the changes he needs. I did those changes and it did not even take me 30 minutes to do so. As a seller, it can be difficult to make these many changes but if we see from the buyer's perspective, is he wrong? No. He paid for it and would like that to be perfect as per his choice and spelling he needs. That was a small experience for new sellers as a learning tip. Try to understand what the buyer is looking for and make those changes until the buyer is happy. Due to such incidents and willingness to make the changes, I always get repeat buyers. I don't mind working for them again. Instead, once you work with them, you get a gist of their terms and you try to improvise in the next delivery.
  7. As a freelancer we do not have just one skill. In my opinion, most of the sellers have more than one gig and not necessarily they must be trending all the time. Remember, if you can deliver nicely and your buyer is happy, that's enough. I focus on deliverable rather than thinking too much about other things. That's all my personal opinion.
  8. Yes, sometimes browser creates issue. Try a different browser or if the issue persists inform the buyer and CS about it. I think CS can also help you to deliver the required files to the buyer or inform them about the issue.
  9. Do you have only one gig that sells?
  10. Thanks for the explanation. I have a query too if you can please help? Is the gig ranking done based on local searches or it remains same globally? I mean if a client from Canada is searching for some service vs a client from Europe searching for the same service, would there be any difference where the gig will be shown up for both of them?
  11. I agree with this point. Seller should not send too many messages showing desperation for work.
  12. Congrats on the big success. I cleared the TRS criteria yet awaiting the promotion.
  13. Describe the gig a bit more with the steps you will follow, services offered for $5, extras and so on. A clear and precise gig will take few minutes to understand. If required create multiple gigs on different services if all of them cannot be placed under the same gig. Hope that helps.
  14. Nice start. Did you get a chance to work on any other projects yet?
  15. In my opinion consistent orders will depend on where your gig ranks. Of course reviews on the gig matters but that is not the only factor to get orders daily. Some of my gigs have 50+ reviews yet I get orders on them in intervals. You need to have many gigs to ensure you get some orders to continue working on daily basis instead of waiting for one order for a single gig. Hope that helps.
  16. In my opinion that won't cause too much issue. What matters is what you deliver and if the buyer likes what you deliver. If both of these are met perfectly, you should focus more on the deliverables rather than other things. This was my personal opinion and I follow this.
  17. Even I would like to know this. I have reached the basic criteria of TRS level and awaiting to see it. However, the wait doesn't stop me to continue working on my orders as usual. TRS could be the dream level surely but fulfilling orders on time and responding to the queries by buyers etc is what I am following. I had checked with customer support few days back and they did not specifically mention about any points because of which I am not promoted to TRS yet. If you come across any points, please let me know too. Thank you and good luck.
  18. Thanks for the info, it helps. The conversion part also depends on the customers to accept the price/service offered.
  19. I think that's a tricky situation here. Even if you inform customer support and they inform the client to continue with the order, he might end up giving a wrong feedback and on the other hand if the order goes for cancellation, it will also impact your gig ranking. Try to discuss with the buyer once again and see if they can accept the additional changes required.
  20. That's sad to see your disappointment. Career in freelancing takes time, effort, dedication and patience. If you are able to manage these, you will find your way. I published my recent experience yesterday- https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/256603-2021-has-been-a-disaster-for-me-but-fiverr-helped-me-to-move-on-how/?tab=comments#comment-1566455 Please read that. I think that might motivate you to continue and maintain consistency. Good luck.
  21. Here are some tips- 1- Make your title clear and precise 2- Describe your offering clearly 3- Use customized image about your gig 4- Respond to every inquiry 5- Keep updating the gig with latest details It takes some time but sooner or later you will start getting orders.
  22. I have been doing full time freelancing for almost 3 years now and fiverr is the major platform that helped me doing it. When COVID-19 started in 2020, I thought it would end sometime soon but it kept getting deep and deep. It gradually started impacting businesses and eventually me. For an instance, a bakery client from Toronto had his shop closed for several months but used to get content from me in regular intervals. I even gave him discounted price because his business was almost shut for months. I continued to work on the orders on fiverr and never realized if the pandemic would hit my family one day, even though we were super careful. In May 2021 my parents(mom and dad) were found covid positive. I was negative, though we stayed together. Then the treatment started for my dad and mom. I stayed in a separate room and continued to work on my orders during the night. Even I informed the clients for having delayed delivery compared to how I delivered earlier for them. They understood the situation and none of my orders got delayed. On the 6th of May, oxygen level of my dad started decreasing and on 7th of May he was admitted to the hospital. Families are not allowed to meet the patients during covid treatment and I used to manage hospital, my mom and fiverr orders at night. On 24th of may after detoriating condition, my dad left us with shock which we had never expected. It was a very difficult situation for me and my family. For almost 3-4 days, I could not even open fiverr app and inform my clients. After 4 days, I opened my fiverr app at night after making my mom sleep and replied to the pending orders about the issue. I again started working on them slowly and side by side tried to look after my mom. That helped me to manage the family expenses as well as to keep myself motivated. Fiverr gave me the platform where I could work when I got time and also kept me busy. Now, slowly myself and family are trying to recover from the incident. On July 14th I was able to meet the requirements for a top rated seller on fiverr yet I am a level 2 seller. I thanked my dad first for helping me from the background. Then I informed my mom. Actually, my mom saw me saying thanks to my dad's picture and I told her about it. She cried a bit but was a lot happy. Hopefully, I will be able to fulfil all his dreams. For newbies, I would say, when it comes to work, don't take it as a burden. Just enjoy it as your passion and you will eventually find your path.
  23. Thank you for sharing your journey. It is motivating and helps me. Congratulations for being a TRS 🙂
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