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Guys tell me what you think of my new gig and I don't want to be TOP SELLER...I think?


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Okay so I was thinking of doing something like this for a while, but I wasn’t sure if should have just made a generic gig as a COWBOY or just stick to USED cars. What do you guys think? Because what inspired me is CAL worthington ford since I live in California. See link below*** I just also had to express my acting abilities on here to help more customers. I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS!

Also I don’t think I ever want to be a TOP SELLER because I’m going to start marketing myself online soon and get more hits, and I say this because when I become top seller, more people can order a lot from me and I don’t want people to order more then one gig at a time or THAT’s what I prefer, because they like to combine them and then send me this big butt script of 50,000 words or something crazy. When I became 2nd top seller or whatever that happened to me and I was swamp with work and didn’t sleep for like 2 days because of the timer but I re-time managed and its working out great so far!

So whats the big deal of being a TOP SELLER anyways if I only want to stick to $5 flat rate? I mean one of the reasons i’m doing the low price leader thing is because I don’t think my face is that handsome or pretty like some of those people on here all in shape or have awesome friends to help them with on their fiverr gig. I wish I had friends like that, 😦

I’ve also had some bad LYING customers giving me bad reviews so I ended getting angry at them too and talkin smack back, that whole week and was talking smack back because I worked really hard on those gigs and I’m even working BELOW min wage for what I do even and I delivered within the timeframe, everything!

I mean compared to what I offer vs make on fiverr, (NOT BRAGGIN) I’ve worked 2-3 whole days OUT OF THE YEAR on a national commercials and I ended up making like $40-$80,000.00 for the REST of the year. YUP U.S. national commercial PAY BIG TIME so you really only need to work 2-3 days out of the year and the rest is RESIDUAL INCOME but you have to go to 100’s of auditions throughout the year here in Los Angeles then have the ability to travel to where they want you (THEY PAY EXPENSES ALWAYS per UNION rules), I mean I’ve travelled to Miami, New York, Mexico City, London etc… so you NEED your passport active at ALL times… ALL for national commercial shoots.

Movies pay more, I’ve been in a few movies back in the 90’s and I still get paid and even have a pension off it waiting for me when I get old or something. Also since i’m part of the union for actors and producers, I’m producing my OWN work so I already know I’m not going to get in trouble working in the non-union world. THANK GOD FOR FI-CORE too!

But I don’t mind because I love what I do and its SO much fun doing gigs on fiverr. I feel like i’m a black sheep with fiverr now to make it to TOP SELLER too because of the whole drama with these bad crazy customers… grrrrrr but I’m getting over it!

Anyways here is that link to my new gig:


Sheriff’s Note: Fixed your link.

Tell me what you guys think! I would love to hear your comments, suggestions! Entertainment industry experiences! Oh BTW if you are thinking of becoming a professional actor, ITS A HARD KNOCKS LIFE! but if you need any advice I’m here to help you guys too! There are a lot of two face people you meet in the industry too, selfish people with glory in their eyes, covered up by pretensious humility and because of this, when you run into celebrities, they think you want to be their friends because they are famous so its hard to be even down to earth with them and be yourself!

It’s stupid. Sometimes you just want to tell them, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM HO’S! your famous but I’m not talking to you because of that! but that gives you and idea on how people are in the bigger industry… its even worse if you date a celebrity and your a smaller actor too! BUT there are GOOD people in the industry but the industry itself makes you very defensive climbing to the top.

I remember when I wanted to ask Amy Smart http://www.FRAGGLEROCK.com out on a date when I ran into her at an obama event a few years ago, because I thought we had a moment, looked at each other, I was thinking, okay maybe her and I locked eyes because she thought I was cute, or the opposite… that I was a weird looking mexican, or she never seen a latino average looking man or something…or maybe she thought I was short… I will never know… it had to be one of those she was thinking right? So I wanted to jump on the chance that a cute white girl is looking at me you know? And there was NO ONE behind me guys! lol… and I wanted to honestly approach her to get to know the real her! but people were just all over the place. Her salsa dance instructor c8ck blocked right at that moment… sigh. I will never know…



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