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how improve my gig?


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Most welcome to fiverr community. 

In order to improve gig impression, you may take into consideration the following things.

  • Use effective gig title including the keyword.
  • Include keyword few times in the description and image for SEO of the gig.
  • To be found your gig easily by the searching of buyer, proper and right keywords must be used in the gig tag.
  • From time to time share the gigs in different social media.
  • Be active fiverr online regularly.
  • Submit offer to buyer request on your interested category.
  • If there is any message from buyer, try to reply it at your earliest possible time.   

Wish you great success in fiverr.


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Hello, @fatema_kabir,

I looked at your profile. I noticed you are a new no level seller. And yet you have a price of $50 on your social media manager gig. I did a search and other new sellers sell this service for $5 to $150 dollars. Maybe you need to lower your price on this gig? 🤔 I now sell for $50 what I sold for $5 when I was a level 0. You need to have lower prices until you get some reviews that will give buyers confidence in you. 

The other thing I noticed it your gig image has a picture that is not you. That may make a buyer feel mislead and wonder if your services will be as fake as your gig image. 

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