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Fix Buyer Revisions

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Revisions on this platform are either buggy or deliberately underdeveloped.

From a voiceover perspective:

1) When your gig is set up to allow 0 revisions, a client can still make requests for them, putting the seller in the "bad guy" position, having to explain - even though it's already clearly stated in the gig requirements - that the script provided will be read exactly as it's written and it is the client's responsibility to ensure the script is ready to go. Sure, we can inform them that they agreed to deliver a production-ready script and that a revision will cost them, but that puts the seller in a bad place.

2) When you have an option to pay for revisions as a gig extra, clients won't add it on up front, because they often don't expect to revise their script until after they've heard it delivered and realize they don't like their script or completely forgot something.

3) Revisions can trigger a late delivery if they're requested days after the general gig window has expired. 

I have a 24-hour turnaround on my gigs with 0 revisions allowed. I do a project, and turn it around in 5 hours. Two days later I get a revision request at 1:00 in the morning, that is already late as soon as it's entered into the system, and I can't respond to it it because I'm asleep. So I wake up to a big red ### LATE ### warning, even though I delivered 80% faster than what I guarantee in my gig, and it was delivered exactly as written with great quality.

I propose Fiver's interface work this way

1) If a gig  is set up as no revisions, there should be no ability to request a revision. Fiver's interface should respond with something like, "Revisions are not allowed with this gig (please see the seller's gig requirements).

2) If I make a gig extra for $5 per revision, it should automatically tell the client they will be charged as soon as they click the "Request Revision" button. Maybe there needs to be a new kind of gig extra that is only billed if it used by the client. For example, I setup revisions to bill an extra $5 and add 1 day to my delivery. If I deliver a product to a client and they don't request a revision, they don't get billed the extra $5. But if they DO decide they need a revision, when they click "Request a Revision",  they should be reminded that they will be billed $5.

3) Whatever my gig turnaround time is, if someone requests a revision, I should get another full turnaround window to do the revision. If it takes me 24 hours to deliver a script of 2000 words, then I need 24 hours to complete a completely revised script of the same length. And that 24-hour clock has to start from the moment the revision request is made, not from the start time of the original order.

My having Fiver's system perform the unpleasant task of notifying a customer of additional charges they agreed to when placing the gig order, you take the burden off of the seller of having to be the bad guy, and maintain a professional atmosphere of accountability between buyers and sellers. You also eliminate the added stress on the seller by eliminating the blaring red ### LATE ### notifications that shouldn't even be there to begin with.



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