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Not Deserving Negative Feed back


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I am a Free lancer for Fiverr for abut 3 months now , and i have created 100+ orders , with 99 % Positive Response (that 1 % was my mistake) and my 112 Buyes simply LOVED my work.

Today i am here because i am in a problem , One of the customers order a gig , and he was VERY limited to his information , and he was not acting like normal Buyers , He asked me of a icon with letter “IK” thats it , without any further information , any way i made him the icon and he was looking good with it , he asked me to make a few modifications i did them as he demanded , and then i deliver the work WITHIN 24 hours .

The Next thing he did is give me a NEGATIVE mark by saying “I dont like the way he work” , I think he is one of them who just order some one a gig to give them a negative feed back so there rating decreases and hens less completion .

What should i do , read and i come to know that i should report it to Fiverr CS , but when i go there there is nothing where i can report ! , When i go to Fiverr CS page there is “Having problems with an order?” which gives me nothing but ask me to retunt the buyer. “Visit the Fiverr Academy” and “Browse through the FAQs on our Forum” which are use less to me ,


What should i do to make remove the not deserving negative mark from that buyer , How do i report the negative mark to the fiverr team (when i cant find anything on the CS page), Please help ! I dont want my ratings to go down.


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@Kiblynx Thank you very much 🙂 I couldn’t see “Submit a request” first as its really tiny on the top :stuck_out_tongue:🙂 but i have submitted the Request now for the removal of the negative mark 🙂 Lets see what fiver does about it 🙂 Thank you once again

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