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4 easy ways to figure out what to sell on Fiverr

Guest prolady

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Guest prolady


Still struggling to figure out and decide what exactly to sell on Fiverr? Let me try to provide you 4 easy ways to figure out exactly what kind of gigs to sell on Fiverr.

  1. See what other are selling

    A great place to get started is to simply browse through Fiverr’s marketplace. The best way to do this is to go into every category and sort the gigs by highest rating. The highest rated gigs are generally the gigs with the most ratings (most sales) and the gigs with the most sales are safe to say the most in-demand gigs in that category. This is a terrific way to gauge what is in demand on Fiverr. This also makes it easier when creating gigs. You can simply look at the best-selling gigs that are very similar to yours and copy many of the keywords and descriptions they use. Obviously don’t copy their descriptions word-for-word but it makes it easier for you when you’re coming up with your own.

  2. Solve buyer problems

    You can also create gigs that address common issues. Numerous Fiverr users are business and website owners that utilize Fiverr to outsource areas of their work. Is there something you can do to assist them with necessary tasks?

    For lots more ideas, check the Buyer Requests section of Fiverr. Go to the Sales page of your Fiverr profile and then you’ll discover a heading called Perks along the right-hand sidebar, and below that iss the link for Buyer Requests.

    Here you’ll be able to see what buyers are looking for and try to meet their requests with a gig of your own. However, this section also makes for good research. If you see a pattern and number of similar requests, it can give you a good idea of what’s in demand and what’s trending on Fiverr.

  3. Make a list of your skills, passions and hobbies

    Fiverr is a diverse market and is not just restricted to business-oriented services. Some buyers are searching for something unique, fun and creative. Do you like to draw? Perhaps you have actually a unique design that could lead to a gig offering portraits? Do you understand a great deal about cooking? You could set up a gig offering meals you’ve developed over the many years. Do you keep up in the car industry? You might produce a gig where you consult with users whom require advice whenever purchasing brand new vehicles.

    Write down everything you think you can offer, have a lot of knowledge of, or have the skills to monetize. You might discover gig ideas that never ever would have happened without making this list. You could even look at your current full-time or part-time job and see how you could downsize that into a $5 gig.

  4. Do something completely different

    This is riskier because the unique and bizarre gigs are not usually the gigs that people are searching for. It’s hard to know what kind of traffic you will receive on these kinds of gigs. Still, differentiating yourself by having a very unique gig can not only help you get featured on Fiverr, it can also bring in a lot of sales. There are some really unique gigs on Fiverr, a lot of which actually do make a lot of money and have been copied by other sellers since. An easy way to do something creative and different is instead of creating a new idea from scratch, take a popular gig and put a very unique and creative twist to it. We see a lot of video testimonial gigs on Fiverr but we have seen a lot of users put their own twist to it and have success with that. For example, instead of just doing a boring video testimonial, how about a video testimonial dressed up in a costume? Or a video testimonial on a park bench outside? Try to be different with it.

    I hope this helps you guys who’ve been scratching your heads at the gig creation page wondering what kind of gig you should sell. There’s only one way to see if it will work and that’s by trying it out!


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Guest celticmoon

You know, a person can tell a great deal about another by how they react to criticism or deal with pressure. And I have to say that @prolady’s responses to her customers who left negative feedback were very nasty and immature. She actually had this to say to a female client who left a negative but POLITE remark: “this Madam is immoral… Look at my profile, She is single. damage.” I would hope a teacher of children would be more restrained or at least could act like a grown-up. I imagine her students might be surprised if they read her venomous responses to people who spent money and felt they did not receive what was advertised.

prolady said: simply look at the best-selling gigs that are very similar to yours and copy many of the keywords and descriptions they use

Please don't copy any aspect of other seller's gigs. Period. Only you know the keywords which best represent your product or service. Only you know what your gig is all about. Copying is not flattery; it's laziness.

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