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I am new this site please check my gig and give me your valuable feedback

favicon-32x32.png.e113e5c89837cec1b0ef8ac0c4b3b57c.png Fiverr.com

Sazia_khatun: I will do custom trendy stylist and branding typography t shirt...

For only $25, Sazia_khatun will do custom trendy stylist and branding typography t shirt design. | Please contact me before placing your order.Are you Looking for the best creative typography t shirt design?I am the best typography t-shirt...

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Let me be honest with you, In my personal opinion these gig images does not attract me for t-shirt designs.


These look like very old fashion typo designs to me. for an example check these below designs out (just copied from a seller on your very same niche):


Can you see a difference these have from your designs, Yes this particular seller starts from like 20x price than what you offer. but Its not always the money game. people looking for the quality. money comes next. Please remember you are in a pool with all these great sellers. Unless you see the competency you have in this designing niche, you wouldn’t survive.

Just do a quick search “typography t-shirt design” and see how great-looking designs are there on the first page. These are very minimal though, You should be able to do them if you tweak your mind a bit. What you put in the gig images is a potential buyer’s first impression. so make it as good as possible. With your current gig images, If I was a buyer, I wouldn’t order it even if the gig was free. you know what I mean.

Keep those things in mind while you’re creating your gig, think from the buyer’s perspective so you can succeed here.

Good luck!

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