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My gig went downhill?


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hi, my gig a few months ago was reaching near to thousands of impressions, now i’m getting like 30 impressions a day, 0-1-2 clicks per day, i always have great feedbacks, but i have this one stubborn customer who messed it up, since that rating of his, everything went downhill.
Do you guys know anymore reasons why? i was runnign promoted gigs back, out of nowhere, fiverr have my promoted gigs disabled, a few weeks ago.

here is my gig (please let me know what’s wrong) i’m really confused

favicon-32x32.png.c62bc50cd4664aed2597749e704ec82a.png Fiverr.com

Jasperrojo: I will make you a video with script, voice over and thumbnail for...

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Gig placement is related to promoted gigs eligibility. But I don’t think anyone knows what causes a gig’s placement to drop suddenly. It has nothing to do with seller performance at least. All scores could be perfect, and it might still get yeeted to last pages. And when that happens, your gigs are also no longer able to be promoted.

It has happened to me 2 times now. Gigs are able to be promoted for 2 weeks ish, and at the same time I can find my gig on first pages. Then my gig vanishes, and it’s no longer able to be promoted.

Then after some weeks, it’s again able to be promoted and I can also find it at the first pages even if I don’t opt-in for the promotion. Then after 1-2 weeks it again vanishes. Currently it’s vanished, and I’m waiting for the third time to confirm if it’s coincidence or not.

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