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Without naming sites, how many Sellers have a website dedicated to promoting their gigs


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Good Morning, everyone! Please chime in!

I know a lot of the Tip threads sometimes recommend creating a site off Fiverr that displays our gigs and links to our profile here.

I’m in the process of doing that now, and I will also have a few other pages, like a blog for author-centric services offered at Fiverr, tips, etc.

I really wanted to know your thoughts on it and, more importantly, if any Sellers have already done this, what kind of effect did it or has it had on your business here. Good experience?

And if you’ve done this, did you also create other SM accounts like FB fan pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest, etc. to tie into the off site you created for your Fiverr gigs?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I appreciate your feedback!

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Hi @kjblynx Thanks for sharing. I found a great seller who’s helping set up my website with all my gigs and also some other sellers’ gigs pertaining to things any author may need. I created a FB Page, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts to go with the website.

I figured with everything I’ve read here, that it couldn’t hurt…I just didn’t know if it really helped.

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Nope, but I am working on a page just for that purpose. However, at this this point 99% of my orders have come through marketing via keyword research and Fiverr itself. If you take the time to do the research and choose the right keywords and add videos, you should in a lot of cases get properly indexed and notice a reasonable amount of orders come in(Note indexing via search engines can take upwards of 2+ months depending on your niche’ and keyword focus. Maybe a bit less of time if you directly promote the gig page). It’s always a good idea to promote yourself in every way you can, can’t hurt, really. Just be careful on how you market yourself. The worst thing you can do is promote to a bad market and get a bunch of buyers that are a hassle.

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@freelancemm, I intend to market affordable services to authors. Do you see any way that it would be detrimental to my business? I won’t just have my gigs, I plan to add (with their permission, of course) several other sellers here who sell book covers, graphics that can be used in promotion, illustrations, Formatters, Converters, video trailers, etc.

I got the idea of beginning a web site when I punched in 3 keywords(not Fiverr) of one of my gigs and I was 4 or so down on the first page in Google. Don’t ask me why that gave me a boost, but I thought it was promising, so I started to build the page.

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Reply to @kissreviews:

kissreviews said: I intend to market affordable services to authors. Do you see any way that it would be detrimental to my business?

I am an author, and yes, I think your website idea would be very useful. It can be difficult trying to sift through Fiverr's search feature to try to find quality services geared just for authors. I've searched for "editing", "formatting", "book illustration", "ebook reviews", "book cover artists" and "ebook covers" before and while a few come up, the list contains all the "featured" gigs as well, not a one of which has anything to do with my search. It can be exasperating trying to find ONLY the type of gigs you are looking for, when the search results seem to just want to push featured gigs rather than gigs on topic to what I'm searching for. So, yeah, a web site which features those gigs all in one place, would be incredibly helpful.

That said, answering your OP. Yes, I have a HUGE web site, which have 6,000 pages on it. One page for each of my books, one page for each of my characters, one page for each of my short stories, multiple pages for each of my more popular books/characters, hundreds of how-to/advice articles for newbie writers (each a separate page), multiple pages for each of my cars (I'm a car collector, art car builder, and car show entrant)...and than there are pages for things I do on the side (Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Fiverr, Zazzle, etc, etc, etc) which means that each of my Fiverr gigs has a dedicated web page devoted to it (or they will by the end of the week).

I only just joined Fiverr 3 days ago and am still "setting up shop". I won't start promoting my gigs to my readers/fans/followers for another week or so yet. I want to get the gigs set up first, than create each of the web pages for each gig, plus a "index" page which links to all gig pages (on my web site). Than I'll do the whole submitting the new pages of my website to Bing and Google, etc, and than after all that, I'll edit my Hootsuit account so that it will ping my Twitter page with a link to my web site.

I'm heavily active on Twitter and FB so I have a ton of followers on both (mostly readers of my books, due to being a top selling author in my genre; and newbie authors who look to my site for advice on how to get started writing/publishing/etc.)

Authors always want to know why I get tons of Twitter followers and they lose Twitter followers. Spam. Spam. Spam. That's the answer. I don't spam my followers! I've been on Twitter since it started, way back when it was a chatroom and you got banned if you posted a link in your tweets. That was about 10 years ago, back when only the us mega super geeks knew Twitter existed. I still use Twitter as a chatroom, I still ACTUALLY TALK to my followers. You know "Hey, here's what I did today..." type tweets, and they answer, I answer back, we get into long tail conversations. I spend a few hours a day chattering on Twitter like that.

Okay, so back to Hootsuit, right? I just said I post links to Twitter? But I don't spam my followers. The way to do that is to set up an automation of the links, that only posts ONE LINK PER DAY! If you are not chattering daily on Twitter, set it up to only post 1 link once a week. You don't want your Twitter profile to be a long list of links, no one will follow you that way. Nope. They won't. PLUS: Don't post the same link MORE THAN ONCE PER MONTH!

That means, I'd post a link to Fiverr gig #1 today, one of my articles on my web site tomorrow, one of my ebooks on Amazon the next day, one of my eBay listings on day 4, etc and so on. Just 1 link a day, never the same link twice in one month, never to the same site twice in 1 week, So my Fiverr gigs would only get tweeted maybe 3 times total each month.

My Twitter account is set up, to ping everything back to my FB page, so whatever I say on Twitter, becomes my FB status, thus I never have to log in on FB, and only use Twitter.

Well, like I said, I've only just started here on Fiverr so no results with Fiverr gigs yet, but I've very good results with my other income streams (Amazon, Zazzle, eBay, Etsy, and several others) using this method, so I see no reason why it will not work for me with my Fiverr gigs as well.

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Wow @eelkat! Thank you so much for posting such an in-depth response. You’ve given me a lot to consider and offered some excellent advice.

I’m shaking my head…6,000 pages?? That is utterly amazing. I have 5, I think. Your online presence must be incredible.

Wishing you much success here on Fiverr and in all of your other endeavors. You’ve surely put the work in!

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