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Want to get some tips for getting order


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I am a new seller. I completed 10 orders and I have 9 reviews. The problem is that recently I send many buyer request but no one response.

Please let me know how I get more orders.

I am very tired to send buyer requests.

Please help me 🙂

Thanks, advance.


I am a new seller.

Hi, everyone. I am MD. Mehedi hasan Majed. I am an expert web developer. Actually, when I know about Fiverr, I also know that Fiverr has many roles. Whatever it is, I creat an account on Fiverr 8 months ago. I start working on Fiverr and I found 2 orders in a single day and I cannot believe it. But unfortunately, Fiverr ban my old account. Then I create another account on Fiverr and maintain their roles. And now I have 3 reviews and have much order. It.s my great Fiverr experience. Tha…
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