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Order request after you finish it


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hi i am a level 2 seller. i have delivered over 100 orders, and i have never received complaints. a client asked me to draw a colorful character with no background. as I proceed I usually prepare sketches following the references and poses that my clients provide me. he followed the work step by step, except for the coloring, he didn’t want to pay for revisions, so I told him I would show him the sketching phase. he always approved. uploaded one of my works to the chat, praising it, and showing some second thoughts on the pose of his character. Wondering if, by giving me freedom, I had worked differently, which I would have done, but I just followed the references he gave me. I was in the process of coloring, and he didn’t even ask me to change anything in the work. once I finished coloring, I turned in the work, and he asked me to cancel the order, complaining that it looked like a sketch, which is not true as he has seen the progression of the work. I think he regretted asking me for a pose in profile, and asked for an annulment. I refused him, I don’t mean to be unfair, but he followed the job, and he never complained, could you give me some advice? it would help me understand what to do.

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