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My gig is not performing :(?


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Well, well. A social media marketer who doesn’t know how to market.

I am sorry but surely you can see the dilemma here. A singer who can’t sing either:

  • learns to sing better
  • makes a feature of their unique singing style
  • abandons singing as a career and finds something they can do.

Each of these paths can be a wise choice. I don’t think you ever knew how to market. I think you swallowed the idea somewhere that it would be cool (just as many singers do). Maybe you did some Photoshop school, or maybe not even that. But Marketing - as in helping people to decide to want to do the thing you want them to do - I do not see in any of that in your gig wording or images.

I think that what I see is all about you. You haven’t even really realized that when I see an advert (of any kind) I need to be able to have it be about me. My wants, My needs, My situation. What I see in your Gig is all about how clever you are. Not showing me and helping me realize what a great choice you would be based on obvious skill, but you telling me “Lahore is great”.

Back to Music: I get sent things all day where the wannabe singer tells me how amazingly great they are, how many plays they (don’t actually) have. They tell me how if I do their project, for an offensively low price, I will become famous. Mostly they never show me their song. So, I guess maybe you might see why I am not interested in those singers. Not only have they shown me that they cannot sing (if they could they would send me the song and not talk lots about AutoTune) but they have made it clear that there is nothing in it for me to shackle myself to their chain gang.

The singers I sign on with are the ones who send me their song, show me their success so far by sharing past wins like YouTube videos, they comment on what drew them to me, one of my mixes or something I said so they know I know they are talking to me. They make sure I get value for what I am doing for them. Even if they can’t pay full price, they work hard to make sure my name is on things and on their FB, Instaham, YT etc with links.

You need to be the second one. Maybe to be that you need to follow one (or more) of the points above.


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